Friday, October 3, 2014

Stampin' Up! Washington DC Getaway Incentive Trip (Installment 3)

I loved earning this Stampin' Up! Getaway Incentive Trip.  Today is going to be the final installment of photos (unless I find a few later on that I just have to share)

We had other plans for Sunday, but we put those on hold when fellow demo, Susan Rodgers, gave us tickets to Newseum.  I believe Newseum opened in 2007 so it is among the newest kids on the DC block.  

Newseum covers the history of "news" from printed papers to radio to TV to computer.  So many interesting displays are housed here.  We spent the whole day and could have spent a lot more time but they closed down at 5 PM.

Here is the outside of the building where they have displays of 50 newspaper front pages from around the country.  These are changed on a daily basis so if you are lucky enough to have your local paper displayed there you won't miss the front page news of the day.

This next picture was taken in the FBI section of the building.  Couldn't resist having our photo taken with Machine Gun Kelly, J Edgar Hoover and John Dillinger.
These are original sections from the Berlin Wall and are the only ones outside of Germany.

The section dedicated to 9/11 was as gut wrenching to see now as it was the day it all happened.  This photo is the mangled broadcast antenna from atop one of the Twin Towers and those frames in the background are front pages from various newspapers the day of and day after the attacks. 
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