Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Wish It Would Snow!

I wish it would snow in Florida again. The last time it did was in 1989 when my son was born.

I know, some of you probably think I'm out of my mind, but having been raised in Pennsylvania I really miss the winters there. My mother didn't often let us out to play in the snow. Her father had died of pneumonia when she was very young and she was afraid we would all get sick. But when we could go out we usually made the most of it.

My dad was a milkman (back in the day when milk was delivered door to door), and some of my best winter memories are of helping him deliver the milk. We lived in a neighborhood that was entirely built on several steep hills and once you got down to the bottom with your vehicle you couldn't get back up to the top in the snow. Dad would park the milk truck at the top of the hill we lived on and we would walk up, pick up the orders and carry them to the waiting customers on our street and the streets on either side of ours (which were also unpassable hills). Believe me when I tell you that we always prayed real hard when we got our metal basket full of bottled milk. You didn't dare break any of those precious bottles. On days like that the customers only got their regular standing order (there weren't going to be any add-ons like eggs or juice). It was one trip per customer. Once the deliveries were all done we could stay outside to play, if we wanted, but we were always so cold and tired that we usually went in to warm up.

Since I have shared one of my winter memories I want to share a snowman card that is made with "Frosty Friends" from Great Impressions Stamps. I hope you enjoy it!


sharon said...

Susan, these snowmen are absolutely adorable.. and your coloring is fantastic too!

Lee said...

I love snowmen...these little pudgy guys make me smile!